Timelapse Photography

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I’m not into video. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m such a crappy director, cameraman, and video editor? Or maybe because I have a much higher tolerance for bad photos than I have for bad video? I cringe when I see hand-held shaky dad-directed home videos.

Nevertheless, Gavin Hoey on the Adorama Channel on Youtube made me do a timelapse video. At least, I had to try?

A picture every 5 seconds for 10-15 minutes gives you a couple of seconds of a terrible film that looks like its from the early 20th century (but in vivid technicolor). Furthermore, I had to pay for those seconds of films for days to come. I had set my camera to s-RAW, because I didn’t need the L-RAW when doing timelapse. People, don’t forget to put those settings back to normal afterwards!

Oh, forgot to say. I used the TriggerTrap cable for this. However, you can just as easily build your own. Please check out my favorites page for a description on how to do that.

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