The Boy with Three Faces

I had some studio/photoshop fun today. Tried to take portait photos of my little boy. However, he was not in the mood at all. I got five shots in total. The main idea was to complete an assignment my husband had come up with, so I had to use what I had. The assignment was to make several exposures where the main subject, after some post-production work, would end up in more than one place.

The final results can be seen below. I used a softbox only as main light.

Three Faces of the Beast

The Assignments
The assignments are basically a very, very small study circle. The only participants, so far, are my husband and I. We take turns coming up with new photographic or post-production tasks to complete. There is approximately one new task per week. The purpose of these assignments is to practice and get better at photography and post-production work. It doesn't matter how much you know, you can always improve! Please go here for a list of the assignments .

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