Ants in My Pants…

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Ok, it’s windy where I live. Good part, no mosquitoes. Bad part, even the smallest, short-stemmed flower won’t stand still and there are absolutely no bugs to shoot when you want to. One hour of excursion to the local school yard and I found one (!) ant.

I had lots of fun though shooting with off-camera flash. It gave some interesting effects. I used manual mode and ETTL on the flash which didn’t always work. Every four to five shot would be blown out by too much flash power. I need to investigate why this happens.

I was in a bit of luck and the ant was actually in focus. But it was a brave ant because the leaves were really swaying in the wind. Also the flash gave him (or her) a really nice green tint. No, we do not have green ants in Sweden as far as I know.

Ants in my pants

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