Magazine Cover Featuring Java!

Well… not really, but almost. Today’s assignment was to make a bespoke magazine cover, featuring our own images and our own design. Everything else was up to the imagination.

I took a nice enough picture of our whippet today when we were out on one of our walks. That had to do. I had lots of other ideas, “The Practical Burglar”, “The Senior Gardener” and “Trash!”. I hope none of those magazines really exists.

Anyway, this is my result!


The Assignments
The assignments are basically a very, very small study circle. The only participants, so far, are my husband and I. We take turns coming up with new photographic or post-production tasks to complete. There is approximately one new task per week. The purpose of these assignments is to practice and get better at photography and post-production work. It doesn't matter how much you know, you can always improve! Please go here for a list of the assignments .

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