Birds, birds, birds….

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This weeks assignment was to take a photo of a member of the aves family (aka bird).

I must say I had a running start since my work currently brings me close to Håveruds Akvedukt. In this part of the canal there’s a fish farm. Around this farm there are herons, cormorants, mallards, merguses, seagulls and loons. There are also a lot of other small grain eating birds that I guess feed of the fish food.

I had a great evening shooting these birds. It was very difficult though. The mallards didn’t mind me but the other birds were difficult to get up close to, even with my 300mm.


Grey Heron


The Assignments
The assignments are basically a very, very small study circle. The only participants, so far, are my husband and I. We take turns coming up with new photographic or post-production tasks to complete. There is approximately one new task per week. The purpose of these assignments is to practice and get better at photography and post-production work. It doesn't matter how much you know, you can always improve! Please go here for a list of the assignments .

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