Review of UGEE M1000L Drawing tablet

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I’ve had this UGEE M1000L for about two months now and I’m pleased with it.

It’s responsive to pen pressure and I have nothing to complain about regarding sensitivity and detail. Even though it has comparatively low resolution I guess it is compensated by the large surface.

It works well with Photoshop and dynamic brush presets works without a flaw – I think. I’ve never tried any other drawing tablet.

The cost is around ¬£30 on ebay. That’s¬†absolutely good value for money, or as it is also called, a lot of bang for your swedish enkrona.

So what is on the negative side. UGEE does not seem to have a lot of support for Windows 8 and above. The latest driver doesn’t quite work. That means that the buttons that allegedly can be programmed does not work. But it is the same as with custom buttons on keyboards, I have never, and will never, use them.

However, after some further efforts I did get the new driver to work correctly and so does the buttons. Don’t think I will use them anyhow. My primary input is the keyboard and the drawing tablet is only a nice secondary device.

Would I recommend the drawing tablet from UGEE? Yes. We’re actually buying one more…


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