London 2015

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London baby! as my husband cites¬†the “Friends” sitcom of the nineties. And yes, to London we went. Stayed in an airport which is a unique experience in itself. Going out for breakfast as the guy next to you orders a beer at eight o’clock in the morning. There’s something to be said for that.

From London, Gatwick we went to a small town called “SomethingI’vejustforgot” and attended a Gavin Hoey workshop! It was my birthday present. Yiiiehaw! Had loads of fun and tried lots of different ways to freeze water action with light. I need to edit the shots a bit and then I will post some examples.

Went into London itself twice but we didn’t end up going for those scenic shots but we spent the remaining time¬†shopping. I still want to try out the London Eye though. To be honest, we were quite beat after the workshop. God willing, this will not be our last trip to London.


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