Christmas Card aka Sibling Factor

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Twas the time of the year for the christmas card shot. Yet again.

I can give you a scientific explanation to why the creation of the card is so stressful. You’re going to send the card out to all your friends and family. You desperately want your children to look well-behaved and peaceful on this once and only occation.

Well, the terrible truth is that the more children or pets that you have in the picture, the difficulty of getting it right goes up exponentially. I promise! There is actual science behind this.

My kids are pretty rambunctious so for them I’d say I get 1 out of 5 hit pictures right with just one child in the picture. That gives me a hit factor of 0.2. If I want to have two kids in the frame that gives you 0.2*0.2=0.04. The number of frames you have to shoot to get them both looking great is 1/0.04=25. 25 frames! Then you add a third kid, which in this case is a toddler. A toddler has a hit factor which is slightly lower. I’d say 0.1. Now you have 0.2*0.2*0.1=0.004. Now you need 250 frames to get the shot. Then you also need to factor in the sibling-factor. Siblings at a certain age will fight, they will fight over anything. Say the sibling factor is 0.5.  Now you’re up to 500 frames to get the shot. My kids won’t sit that long. You’ll have to schedule in several sittings. Puh!

Or you just do what I do. I settle for whatever shot I can get were they’re all pretty much in the frame, they have their hats on and no ones crying.

Oh the christmas card

NB – Your kids might be a little bit more docile than mine, which of course will give you better statistics. There could also be different factors for different children. But the truth still holds – the more kids and animals in one frame, the more shots required to get it right.

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