Printing with my new printer Epson SureColor P600

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I’ve been looking for a new printer for some time now. Knowing full well that a printer is different from any other kind of photo equipment given that it requires maintenance. Yes, you’ve heard this correct. Buying a ink jet photo printer is still what it used to be, not used it will clog. So, in some way it is like getting a £500 plant that you don’t want to kill. Due to the fact that the Canon models seemed to be less prone to drying up and clogging I was investigating this make first. But given the fact that the Canon enthusiast models do not take roll paper and has this arbitrary size restriction, it had to yield. It yielded to the Epson SureColor P600 A3+ printer. Knowing full well that it can be more prone to clogging and that printer heads are NOT replaceable…

Anyway, it uses pigment based inks which makes the prints more durable. It can take roll paper, thick canvas papers, cd’s and even metallic prints!

I’ve owned the odd photo printer in the past. But only on consumer level. The kind of have a jpeg and make a 10×15 print kind of printer. I was warned that the advanced color management required for an enthusiast level printer can be a big hurdle to pass. So I studied color management, I studied every single youtube video and website I came across on this topic. But in the end it wasn’t all that difficult to use lightroom and print. I used the Julieanne Kost, “Print the perfect image” and it was very straight forward.

I know that one of the prerequisites for printing a good image is that the monitor is calibrated. Even though my monitor is just calibrated using software, it worked great and the colors of the prints ended up quite close to expected.

What to expect:

  1. When you start up the printer for the first time and it primes the printer it really, really makes a noise. I kind of freaked out but it did in no way represent the sound during printing.
  2. Today, it needed to do some sort of head cleaning and I got an error message on my computer. However, the print came out as expected despite the error message. I guess there was some kind of miscommunication between the computer and the printer.
  3. Printing every week is something that you should commit to in order to minimize the risk of clogging. There are good and bad sides of this.

So far so good. I have one roll of paper. Let’s see if I run out of ink or paper first.

Epson SC P600

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