Color Clouds

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I was inspired to make color clouds in water by the “Slow Mo Guys” on Youtube. They’ve done a lot of interesting stuff with paint but the one that I really enjoyed was the one with paint in water. A quick search revealed that the easiest way to achieve these clouds is to use food color mixed with cream. I had blue and green food color. I used a syringe with a medium gauge needle. Set up the equipment using two speedlights. One for backlighting for pure white and one for illuminating the paint blob.

I set my camera on a tripod with the 300mm macro on it and used a cable release to get the proper reach.

My handheld softbox what a bit small so I decided to use one of the studiostrobes as backlight instead. Even stopped down as far as it could go it still out-powered my speedlight with a few stops. Moving it further away was not an option since I needed the size of the softbox. I needed to cover it with a white cloth to get a decent exposure.

This was one of the shots.

splash of paint

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