Flash Workshop #3 – Gobo Projector

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The Creative Flash Photography book actually recommended stripping an old film camera to use as gobo projector. I didn’t have one I’d like to strip. Instead my husband 3D printed one for me. Works just as well. It attaches the lens to a speedlight. In this case a Yongnuo 568 EX II.

I also attached it to a studio strobe snoot. And it takes away a lot of power – that’s for sure. Out of the 500Ws that I have on my oldest Elinchrom, I didn’t get enough light to even balance my speedlight to more than 1/64 power (and the speed-light was inside a soft box)

3D printed gobo attachment for speedlight

The principle is that you make a gobo-template, or if you already have one. You project the light through the template and through a lens and try to focus the light on the background. It’s really cool, but a bit tricky to make work. Focusing and zooming needs to be done from the hip.

DIY Gobo Results

The 3D-models for the gobo-projector adapter can be found here:




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  1. Hello,

    Is there any chance that you could provide me with the 3D model to print one by myself ? Or perhaps send one to me if your price is not too expensive ? I also have a Yongnuo.
    Thanks in advance, have a nice day!


    • triggerhappy

      I’ll update with the information on where to find the 3D-model shortly!

  2. Great news!

    In the meantime I made one by myself but it’s not so pretty even if it’s working quite fine 😉
    Thanks a lot,

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