Flash Workshop #4 High Speed Sync Studio Strobe (HSSSS)

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This was on my to-do-list for quite some time. However, birthdays and other pleasant celebrations have come in between.

What this workshop is meant to demonstrate is that you can utilize a pseudo high speed sync with your studio strobes. The trick is only to get them to fire slightly before you fire your camera. Given most studio strobes have quite long light emitting times on higher levels, it is possible to catch some of this light as it is declining from it’s maximum output.

In this case it was simply a Yongnuo Speedlight which was set to HSS (High-Speed Sync) and manual mode that was used to trigger two studio strobes. One main light and one hair light. It was kind of tricky to get them to fire simultaneously and one always seemed to be a bit slower (i.e. triggered by the strobe instead of the speedlight). That made the ratio of them off. Perhaps they should have been hardwired to each other instead. Nevertheless Рit worked. With some adjustments in Ligthroom this was the results.

Happy shooting!

High Speed Sync Strobes

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