Flash Workshop #7 – Color gels suck!

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Ok. So the title of this workshop was actually color gels rock. However, that is not my general opinion. It must be a very subjective thing, because like overpowering hair-light, it just feels so 80’s to me. And I lived through the 80’s and I’m not holding my breath for the style to come back.

Colored gels do have it’s place. It’s a really great tool when you want to turn daylight into nighttime or if you need to compensate artificial lighting with a color cast. But apart from that – I’ve failed to see it’s glory.

Anyway, one speedlight in a softbox and then two for the background, one red and one blue. I had ideas about making some sort of police themed image but I just didn’t have the time.

Portrait with gels

If anyone missed Workshop 5-6, you’re right. I’m either skipping them or perhaps just putting them into one single. I don’t think I’ll invest in all those speedlights.

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