I’m sorry. You’ve ended up on the compulsory “about me” page. Are you sure this is where you wanted to be?

Still here? Ok. The short story then.

I was born in the 70ies on this rather small island on the west coast of Sweden called Tjörn. Since then I’ve lived in a number of different places in Sweden. Even on the east coast. I moved back to Tjörn in 2012 when we started building our new house.

Photography and I started our serious relationship in the beginning of the 90’s. Yes, back in the film days.

I joined CFFC (Chalmers Film- och Fotocommitté) during 2000-something. I photographed a lot during 2000 up to 2005.

I did lots of professional studio work, weddings, corporate headshots, etc… I really had a good basis for going full time professional. But I’m really not the wedding photographer type. I’m much too critical of my own work, and in wedding photography – there are no do-overs. Also, my main trade is engineering. So – I’ll stick to my day job for now. Shooting professionally really did kill my passion for photography for a long time.

As the world made the transition to digital photography and post-production (or just about mere production) in Photoshop or similar, I did not. I wanted to make great shots with my camera and equipment and the post-production in Photoshop always seemed like a bit of cheating to me. I guess there was also that anticipation and mystery when you collected the processed film.

So, there was a hiatus during which the studio equipment only came out for the yearly Christmas card shoot.

Since then, the passion has rekindled. I realize that even though some people can make great shots with their smartphone and an advanced photo-editor, I can still make much of it happen with the camera and lighting only.

And I can play in post-production too… it does not have to be cheating, if you say you did?

The purpose of this blog is mainly to document, for myself mostly, the do’s and don’ts. Possibly it could give someone else an idea or two.

Also, there’s the assignments

Thank you for reading!