This is the list of assignments we are working of. We take turns choosing the next assignment and if there are any rules associated with it. We then proceed to complete the assignment either separately or together.

  1. Magazine Cover. Make a cover for a fictitious magazine using your own photo and graphics.
  2. My Planet. Make a seamless 360 degree panorama and transform it to polar coordinates to give the look of a small planet.
  3. Compositing. Take several photos and use compositing to combine them to one.
  4. Rembrandt Ligting. Take a photo of a model with “Rembrant Lighting”
  5. Movement. Take a photo in which movement is somehow implied.
  6. HDR. Use HDR to capture the entire dynamic range of a scene.
  7. Vacation Photo. Take a typical vacation photo.
  8. Movie Poster. Make a movie poster for a fictitious movie using your own photos and graphics.
  9. Focus Stacking. Use focus stacking to increase the depth of field.
  10. Strobe Lights. Use the multi flash setting on your speedlight to create an interesting effect.
  11. Painting with Lights. Make an interesting effect by painting with lights. Either make an affect with the lights themselves or paint an object using lights.
  12. Black and White Portrait. Take a portrait photo and make it into black and white.
  13. Black and White Landscape. Take a landscape photo and make it into black and white.
  14. Retouching Skin. Take a portrait photo and retouch the skin keeping the texture and look of the photo realistic.
  15. Record Cover. Make a cover for a fictitious record using your own graphics and photos.
  16. Wrapping a Pattern in Photoshop. Wrap a pattern over a three dimensional object in Photoshop.
  17. Calendar. Make a calendar using your own photos and graphics.
  18. Triptych. Make a triptych.
  19. ND-filter. Use an ND-filter in a creative way.
  20. Fire. Take a picture of fire. Regular coffee creamer can be used for dramatic results.
  21. Baloon Smash. Freeze a baloon smash.
  22. Miniature Landscape. Take a landscape shot and make it look like a miniature landscape in photoshop.
  23. Brenitzer Technique. Make a panorama portrait with a long lens.
  24. Stones. Take an interesting photo depicting stone.
  25. Collections. Take an interesting photo on the theme collections.
  26. Real Estate Photography. Take a photo commonly used in real estate adds.
  27. Bokeh Pattern. Make a bespoke bokeh pattern.
  28. Overpower Ambient Light with Flash. Use a speedlight or strobe to overpower the natural light.
  29. Make a Print and Frame It. Print a new or old photo and frame and hang it. Framing can be either canvas print or classical framing.
  30. Water Splash. Freeze a water splash using speedlights.
  31. Image from one of the Classic Fairy Tales. Remake an image from one of the classical fairy tales.
  32. Reflection. Use a reflection creatively in a shot.
  33. Imitate a Famous Picture. Imitate a famous picture in respect to subject, technique, lighting and post-processing.
  34. Make a Painting. Use a new or old photo to produce a painting like effect in Photoshop.
  35. Bird Photography. Photograph a bird.
  36. Indoor or Unexpected Panorama. Use a panorama in a situation where it normally would not be used. Indoor is one example.
  37. Motivated Light. Use a speedlight to light a specific part of the photo.
  38. Fruit. Take a photo on the theme of fruit.
  39. Sport Photography. As it sounds, shoot sports, any sport.
  40. Strangers. Interact with a stranger and take their photo.
  41. Food Photography. Shoot a dish or similar, making it look appetizing.
  42. Selective Color. Make a monochrome photo with one of the colors selected to remain.
  43. Perspective. Use a different perspective on a known subject.
  44. Abstract. Use the subject to create an abstract photo.
  45. Street Photography. Aim and shoot on a busy street capturing the essence of street photography.
  46. A Photo within a Photo. Shoot an image which contains a framed image in one way or another.
  47. Water Drops. Include droplets of water in a creative way.
  48. Soap Bubbles. Shoot soap bubbles close up to include a range of colors displayed by the soap mixture.
  49. Forced Perspective. Make the illusion of a much smaller or larger object.
  50. Sunset or Sunrise. Capture the sunrise or sunset or an object illuminated by the same.
  51. Silhouette. Capture a silhouette.
  52. Timelapse. Make a timelapse or hyperlapse film.
  53. Driving license photo. Create a driving license photo and print according to the driving license standard.
  54. Use one prime lens for six days in a row. One photo a day.
  55. Do a 360-degree google street view.