Photography inspiration

  •, Photographer Gavin Hoey shares wonderful projects combining creative¬†ideas and skills in photography and photoshop.
  • Adorama learning center, Visit the Adorama learning center and check out their inspiring videos or just simply follow them on youtube.
  • Just go there and be amazed!

Digital Image Processing

  • Phlearn is a great source for photoshop (and photography) tips. Visit the site and follow them on YouTube!
  • Sharpen for web script for Photoshop. Made by Andreas Resch! I was about to make a sharpen for web script myself when I found it was already done! Perfect!
  • Julieanne Kost, Photoshop and Lightroom expert and the Principal¬†Adobe Evangelist. It is worth wile also to subscribe to her Youtube-channel.


  • Lighting Diagrams will allow you to draw and download professional lighting diagrams of your setup. Really cool!
  • TriggerTrap is a gadget that lets you control almost ANY camera using your Android (or fruit-product). Don’t buy if you’re an Android user though. Instead…
  • Make your own trigger cable!